In Mississippi, less than 30% of disability cases filed by claimants are approved. Of those cases that are initially approved and then appealed, meaning a request for review or reconsideration, less than 10% of those cases are successful. In other words it is with near certainty that you will get turned down on appeal if you don't get help.

To win your case you need an attorney who can help you with your appeal and who can be with you to appear before a Federal Administrative Law Judge.

A good disability attorney can help you get the benefits for your disability. P. Shawn Harris has his own staff medical reviewers to review your medical records and talk to your physicians, to make sure you can be successful in your claim.

P. Shawn Harris has many years experience in dealing with disability claims, and it is important to get involved early in a case to get the information together you need to help you win your claim.